Vol 11, No 6 (2017)

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Special Issue on "ICMESCoE-2017"

Guest Editorial Board PDF

Preface PDF
S. H. Gawande 366

Optimization of CI Engine Vibration Characteristics Operated on Jatropha Methyl Ester Using Taguchi and Multiple Regression Analysis PDF
Nitin D. Gadhave, Shravan H. Gawande 367-372

Implementation of Taguchi Method for Parametric Optimization of Springback in Cold Drawing of Seamless Tubes PDF
D. B. Karanjule, S. S. Bhamare, T. H. Rao, A. C. Mitra 373-378

Experimental Study on the Effect of Water Injection in an Internal Combustion Engine PDF
A. A. Iyer, I. P. Rane, K. S. Upasani, Y. P. Bhosale, S. H. Gawande 379-386

Study on Vibrations in Centrifugal Pump Due to Dynamic Loading PDF
Ravindra S. Birajdar, A. A. Keste 387-392

Photo-Elastic Investigation of Worm Gear PDF
Umesh Gaikwad, Pawan Sonawane, Rahul Pawar 393-399

Numerical and Experimental Studies on Stress Analysis of Customized Implant PDF
S. L. Gavali, H. V. Vankudre, K. N. Vijayakumar 400-413

Performance Estimation of Charge Air Cooler for Passenger Car PDF
S. P. Gadewar, S. H. Gawande, S. A. Barhate 414-418

Experimental Performance Analysis of Refrigerant R290 for Water Cooler Application PDF
C. S. Choudhari, S. N. Sapali 419-425

Experimental Method to Find the Flux and Temperature Distribution on the Flat Receiver of Small Central Receiver System PDF
P. M. Gadhe, A. G. Ghoti, S. N. Sapali, G. N. Kulkarni 426-432

Development of Mathematical Model for Clutch Control Strategy in AMT Application PDF
Nikita R. Junnarkar, V. N. Raibhaole, S. S. Ramdasi, R. V. Mulik 433-439

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