Vol 11, No 2 (2017)

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The Mechanism of Hydrogen Bubble Formation Caused by the Super Hydrophobic Characteristic of Taro Leaves PDF
Rachmat Subagyo, I. N. G. Wardana, A. Widodo, E. Siswanto 95-100

Flow Visualization of Flat and Curved Trapezoidal Winglet Vortex Generator in Fin-and-Tube Channel in Inline Arrangement PDF
Mohd Fahmi M. Salleh, Mazlan Abdul Wahid, Aminuddin Saat, Natrah Kamaruzaman, Mohsin Mohd Sies, Ummikalsom Abidin 101-107

An Approximate Method for Stress Analysis in Butt Joints of FRP Pipelines PDF
Dimitrios G. Pavlou 108-113

MATLAB Simulation and Validation of Fluid Properties in the Cross Flow Wet Cooling Tower PDF
Nandkumar Annarao Rawabawale, Shivalingappa Nagappa Sapali 114-120

Attachment Probability of Particle on Bubble Surface and the Stability of Its Aggregate PDF
Warjito Warjito, Harinaldi Harinaldi, Manus Setyantono, Sahala D. Siregar 121-126

Heat Carrier Vortex Motion Influence on the Hydrodynamics and Heat Exchange in the Pipes with Transverse Collars and Flow Core Energizers PDF
D. Zhumadullayev, A. A. Volnenko, O. S. Balabekov, Zhandos Serikuly, S. A. Kumisbekov, L. I. Ramatullayeva 127-131

An Investigation on Suppression of Vortex Instabilities for Flow Past a Bluff Body Using a Passive Device PDF
A. S. Sunil, P. S. Tide 132-137

Investigation on Failure Strength of Bolted Joints Woven Fabric Reinforced Hybrid Composite PDF
Dhar Malingam Sivakumar, Lin Feng Ng, Raymond Mitchell Chew, Omar Bapokutty 138-143

CMM Path Planning, Position and Orientation Optimization Using a Hybrid Algorithm PDF
Gabriel Mansour, Dimitrios Sagris, Apostolos Tsagaris 144-150

Neural Network Model to Predict Exhaust Emissions on a Stationary Diesel Engine Operating with Castor-Oil-Plant Biodiesel Fuel PDF
Favio Orlando Narváez Argoty, Alejandro Lyons, Fabio Emiro Sierra Vargas 151-160

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