Vol 10, No 6 (2016)

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Effects of Carbon Loading on the Mechanical Properties for Vulcanized Epoxidised Natural Rubber 25 PDF
I. R. A. Rosszainily, Mohd Azli Salim, M. T. Musthafah, A. Md Saad, M. N. Abdul Rahman, M. N. Sudin 357-363

Experimental Researches of Hydraulic Clutches with Smart Fluids PDF
Artur Olszak, Karol Osowski, Andrzej Kęsy, Zbigniew Kęsy 364-372

Automation of Pneumatic Actuators for Testing of Small-Specimens Using Mini Load-Frames PDF
Andres Tovar-Rivera, Dario Amaya-Hurtado, Julian Carrillo 373-380

Alteration of Lower Extremity During Running on Different Surface Hardness: a Systematic Review PDF
Noor Arifah Azwani Abdul Yamin, Khairul Salleh Basaruddin, Wan Mohd Radzi Rusli, Norazian Razak 381-389

Numerical Comparison of Drag Coefficient between Nacelle Lip-Skin with and without Bias Acoustic Liner PDF
Qummare Azam, Mohd Azmi Ismail, Nurul Musfirah Mazlan, Musavir Bashir 390-394

Heat Transfer Improvement in Micro-Channel Heat Sinks by Modifying Some Design and Operating Conditions PDF
Driss Meddah Medjahed, Houari Ameur, Abd El Kader Ariss, Nassira Medjadji, Abdelkader Mahammedi 395-404

Solderability of Ceramic and Metal Materials with Utilization of Active Solders and Power Ultrasound PDF
Roman Koleňák 405-408

Kinematics Analysis of a Leg Mechanism as a Motion Converter PDF
Ahmad Syuhri, Hari Arbiantara Basuki, Skriptyan Noor Hidayatullah Syuhri 409-418

A Review of the Hybrid Solar Chimney and Water Desalination Systems for Simultaneous Production of Electricity and Fresh Water PDF
Sabah Kadhim Mahal, Ahmad Jais Alimin 419-436

Design Aspects of an Excavator Arm PDF
Fahim Mahmud Khan, Md. Shahriar Islam, Md. Zahid Hossain 437-442

Evaluation of Solar Parabolic Trough Collector for the Application of Seawater Desalination PDF
Amer Khalil Ababneh, A. M. Jawarneh, M. A. Tarawneh, H. Tlilan, N. Duić 443-451

Robust Pediction of Double Retrograde Vaporization by Numerical Inversion of Functions PDF
Gustavo Barbosa Libotte, Francisco Duarte Moura Neto, Aline Lima Guedes, Gustavo Mendes Platt 452-460

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