Vol 8, No 3 (2014)

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Balancing Otto Engines PDF
Florian Ion T. Petrescu, Victoria Relly 473-480

Analysis of Fuel Flow in Internal Combustion Engine Using –CFD PDF
S. Rajendran, K. Purushothaman 481-488

Mobile Robots Design Guideline Based on an Empirical Study of the Mobile Robots Design Process PDF
Salah A. M. Elmoselhy 489-494

Performance and comparative study of a passive solar still in a forest area between summer and winter conditions in south India PDF
Srenyvasan V. Ramesh, M. Sakthivel 495-501

Slip boundary layer flow of a power-law fluid over moving permeable surface with viscous dissipation and prescribed surface temperature PDF
M. H. Yazdi, Ishak Hashim, Kamaruzzaman Bin Sopian 502-510

Mode I Stress Intensity Factors for Slanted Cracks in Round Bars PDF
A.E Ismail 511-516

Design and Implementation of an Interlaboratory Comparison Process for Task – Specific CMM Measurements PDF
Vrassidas I. N. Leopoulos, Georgios Kaisarlis, Georgios Chatzistelios 517-523

Critical Notch Stress Intensity Factor Concept for Pure Mode II PDF
Omar Al Gaoudi, H. El Minor, E. Hilali, H. El Minor, I. Bahraoui, G. Pluvinage, Z. Azari 524-529

Analysis of Humidified Air Circulation Over the Air Cooled Condenser of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System with Eco Friendly Refrigerants PDF
P. Thangavel, D. Deepa, P. Somasundaram, P. Selvakumar 530-536

Prediction of Machining Fixture Layout through FEM and ANN and Comparison of Optimal Fixture Layouts of GA and ACA PDF
M. Vasundara, K. P. Padmanaban, T. Ramachandran, M. Saravanan 537-546

Mach Number Effect on The Heat Transfer Mechanism of Aircraft Anti-Icing Systems PDF
Thaís Piva de Castro, Claudia Andrade, Edson L. Zaparoli 547-554

Shear Properties and Load-Deflection Response of Heated Cross-Ply Glass-Epoxy Composite Short-Beams Subjected to Three-Point-Bending Tests PDF
George Bikakis, Emilio Sideridis 555-563

Gas Turbine Blade Erosion Estimation and Risk Management Procedure PDF
Valeriu Drãgan, Catalin Radu, Grad Danuta Aurica 564-569

Topology optimisation of patch in Quasi-isotropic graphite-epoxy composite repair (in-plane direction) under tensile loading using Finite element analysis PDF
M. Gopalakrishnan, S. Muthu, R. Subramanian, R. Santhanakrishnan 570-582

A CFD Investigation of Different Port Runner in a GDI Engine PDF
P. Ramesh, E. James Gunasekaran 583-591

Application of Lean Manufacturing and Quality Management in Aeronautical Industry PDF
Luciane de Oliveira Cunha, João Murta Alves 592-598

Analysis of a Stainless Steel Heat Pipe based on Operation Limits PDF
Paulo Henrique Dias dos Santos, Larissa Krambeck, Diogo Luiz Figueiredo dos Santos, Thiago Antonini Alves 599-608

A Review of Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvesting Techniques PDF
Han Xiao, Xu Wang 609-620

Effect of Sintering Time Variations on Stress Based Pore Closure Rate Studies on Al-SiC P/M Composites During Cold Upsetting PDF
J. Bensam Raj, J. Marimuthu, M. Prabhakar, V. Anandakrishnan 621-630

Minimizing Total Flow Time in Permutation Flowshop Scheduling by Two-Phase Approach PDF
Balasundaram Rathinam, D. Valavan, N. Baskar 631-637

High Temperature Oxidation and Hot Corrosion Behavior of T92 Bare Steel Weldments and in Na2SO4-60%V2O5 Molten Salt Environment at 900°C PDF
Makesh Manickam, P. Palanisamy, K. Devakumaran 638-644

Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Forced Convection Coupled to Heat Conduction in Square Ducts PDF
Gustavo Adolfo Ronceros Rivas, Ézio Castejon Garcia, Marcelo Assato 645-654

Experimental Flow Analysis of a Pool-Type Fishway Using Velocity Fields from Reduced Model and Prototype PDF
Edna Maria F. Viana, Marco Tulio C. Faria, Carlos Barreira Martinez 655-660


Optimization of Process Parameters of Robotic GMAW of IS 2062 E250 BR Using Taguchi Techniques
P. Thamilarasi, S. Ragunathan, E. Mohankumar 661

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