Vol 9, No 4 (2015)

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Modeling and Development of Cooling Technology of Turbine Engine Blades PDF
Vladislav N. Kovalnogov, Ruslan V. Fedorov, Dmitry A. Generalov 331-335

Industrial Testing Method Hydrodynamic Modeling Apparatus with a Regular Movable Packing PDF
Zhandos Serikuly, Arailym Dzhumabekkyzy Kaldikulova, Bahytzhan Orazalievich Ospanov, Serik Arginbaevich Kumisbekov 336-340

A Bipotential Method Coupling Contact, Friction and Adhesion PDF
Nazihe Terfaya, A. Berga, M. Raous 341-352

Effect of Cold Mechanical Process on the Mechanical Properties of 316L Stainless Steel for Medical Implant Application PDF
Wan Mohd Farid Wan Mohamad, Mohd Zulkefli Selamat, Bunbun Bundjali, Hamzah Mohd Dom, Masjuri Musa 353-359

Investigation of Film Cooling Effectiveness Enhancement by Using Corrugated Spiral Holes PDF
Ammar Fakhir Abdulwahid, Tholudin Mat Lazim, Aminuddin Saat, Zaid Sattar Kareem 360-367

Fatigue Microcrack Nucleation Modeling: a Survey of the State of the Art PDF
Mohammad Dabiri, Anssi Laukkanen, Timo Björk 368-376

Mathematical Modeling, Control and Simulation of a Suspension System with Energy Regeneration PDF
Camilo Andrés Cáceres, Jefry Anderson Mora Montañez, Dario Amaya 377-381

Analysis of Charcoal Gasification on a Downdraft Fixed Bed Gasifier by CFD Modeling PDF
Carlos Andrés Forero-Núñez, Santiago Ramirez-Rubio, Fabio Emiro Sierra-Vargas 382-390

Design of a Testing Bench for Biomaterials Characterization According to Their Performance Under Tribocorrosion PDF
Oscar Ivan Caldas Flautero, Oscar Fernando Avilés Sánchez, Mauricio Felipe Mauledoux Monroy 391-399

Sizing of a Domestic Hot Water Heating and Storage System for Short Operating Cycles - A Theoretical Approach PDF
Carlos Pinho 400-407

Studies and Modeling Elastic Properties of Porous Bones by Ultrasound Technique PDF
Lahcen Mountassir, Touriya Bassidi, Hassan Nounah, Abderrazek Bennamane 408-416

Numerical Investigation on Airflow Distribution of Automotive Radiator PDF
Baskar Subramaniyan, R. Rajaraman 417-422

Improvement Research on Quality Management Systems and Executive Ability Effect in the Chinese Welding Industry PDF
Xiaochen Yang, Paul Chu Kah, Ming Sun 423-428

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