Vol 8, No 2 (2014)

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Alternative Propulsion Technologies for Fishing Vessels: a Case Study PDF
Marco Altosole, G. Buglioni, M. Figari 296-301

Optimization of Process Parameters of Robotic GMAW of IS 2062 E250 BR Using Taguchi Techniques PDF
P. Thamilarasi, S. Ragunathan, E. Mohankumar 302-308

Machine Equations to the Classical Distribution PDF
Florian Ion T. Petrescu, Relly Victoria V. Petrescu 309-316

Impact of Biomass Blends on the Behaviour of the Reduction Zone in a Downdraft Gasifier PDF
V. Christus Jeya Singh, S. Joseph Sekhar, K. Thyagarajan 317-327

A Parametric Optimization of FSW Process Using RSM Based Grey Relational Analysis Approach PDF
D. Vijayan, V. Seshagiri Rao 328-337

Tensile Parameters Evaluation of Two Solid Solution Super Alloys by ANN Modeling PDF
Muhammad Hasibul Hasan, Muataz Hazza F. Al Hazza 338-343

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Transverse Thermal Conductivity of an Aluminum Honeycomb Panel PDF
D. F. Silva, Ezio C. Garcia 344-349

An innovative approach in fault diagnostics of steam turbine performance using ANN and M-SVM algorithms PDF
S. Devi, L. Siva Kumar 350-359

Conjugate Cooling of 3D Protruding Heaters with Laminar Flow in a Rectangular Channel PDF
Felipe Baptista Nishida, Thiago Antonini Alves 360-369

CT Measurement and Geometrical Shape Analysis for Human Shoulder Glenoid PDF
Salah H.R. Ali, Sarwat Z. A. Zahwi 370-378

Active Vibration Control in Smart Structures PDF
Prasad J. Ravindra, P. K. Palani 379-386

The Impacts of Five Different Turbulence Models on the Accuracy of Computational Aeroacoustic Results for an Airfoil and Acoustic Localization Analysis for Well Suited Model PDF
Daniel Saatchi, Mani Fathali, Ali Rahmimi Khojasteh 387-398

A Computational Analysis of Flow Structure Through a Constant Area DS-Duct PDF
A. K. Biswas, Prasanta K. Sinha, A. N. Mullick, B. Majumdar 399-406

Modelling, Simulation and Dimensional Synthesis of Three Degrees of Freedom Triglide Parallel Manipulator PDF
C. Dhandapani, R. Sivaramakrishnan 407-416

Heat Transfer in a Recovery Energy Wheel PDF
K. Aamara, R. Chouikh, A. Guizani 417-423

Thermal Radiation Effects on an Unsteady MHD Couette Flow of High Prandtl Number Fluids between Concentric Cylinders in the Presence of Porous Medium PDF
P. Loganathan, Nirmal Chand Peddisetty 424-430

Surface Roughness Modeling in High Speed Hard Turning Using Regression Analysis PDF
Muataz Hazza F. Al Hazza, Erry Yulian T Adesta, Muhammad Hasibul Hasan, Norhashimah Shaffiar 431-436

Influence of the Slope Angle on the Transient Natural Convection of a Newtonian Fluid Delimited by Portions of Cylinders PDF
Omar Ngor Thiam, Samba Dia, Joseph Sarr 437-444

Performance Evaluation of Yaw Meter with the Aid of Computational Fluid Dynamic PDF
J. V. Muruga Lal Jeyan, M. Senthil Kumar 445-459

Theoretical Study of Parameters of Neem Oil Methyl Ester PDF
N. Nagarajan, G. Nagarajan 460-472

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