Vol 12, No 6 (2018)

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Kinetic reaction modeling of the reduction zone of Bamboo gasification in a fixed bed downdraft gasifier
Oscar Daniel Sánchez Plazas, Alejandro Lyons, Fabio Emiro Sierra Vargas

Study of the Hydrodynamic Behavior of Horizontal Axis Tidal Turbines Based on the Blade Element Momentum Theory and Numerical Simulations
Eleni Douvi, Dionissios Margaris

Mechanical Response of Short Fiber Reinforced Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Composites
Antonio Formisano, Barbara Galzerano, Massimo Durante, Ottavio Marino, Barbara Liguori

Efficiency and sustainability improvement of vapor compression configurations and a H2O/LiBr absorption system through thermodynamic analysis and parameter variation
Jennifer Andrea Méndez-Velásquez, Carlos Andrés Forero-Nuñez, Isaac Dyner

Active Air Suspension for a Vehicle Based on Control Air Mass Flow Rate
Surbhi Razdan

Dimensional Accuracy and Surface Roughness of Acetabular Liner with UHMWPE: Assessment Results between Compression molding and CNC milling
Athanasius P Bayuseno

Mechanical, Thermophysical and Aerothermochemical Processes at Forest Fuel Ignition Caused by the Heated to High Temperatures Single Metal Particle
Nikolay Baranovskiy, Arkadiy Zakharevich

Experimental Study on Swirling Jets
Andreas Naxakis, Konstantinos Perrakis, Thrassos Panidis

Design and Analysis of Fuel Cell Stack for Automotive Use
A K M Mohiuddin, Ahmad Syafie, Ahsan Ali Khan

Universal Weight Function Approach to Determine Stress Intensity Factors at Blade Mounting Locations in Steam Turbine Rotor System

Atmospheric-pressure annealing effect on the impact fracture toughness of injection-molded zeolite-HDPE composite
P Purnomo, Putu Hadi Setyarini

Modeling & control of a variable velocity wind turbine connected to a Doubly Feed Induction Generator (DFIG)
Badr Benyachou, Bennasser Bahrar, kamal Gueraoui

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