Vol 14, No 3 (2020)

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A Simulation of Iraqi Diesel Fuel Cetane Number Effect on The Performance of Compression Ignition Engine
Mohammed Kadhim Allawi, Mohanad Kadhim Mejbel, Younis Muhsin Younis, Sabah Jameel Mezher

Method and Technology for Continuous Control of Performance and Operating Quality of Automotive and Combine Machinery
Ildar Gabitov, Samat Insafuddinov, Ildar Badretdinov, Viktor Pavlenko, Filyus Safin

Experimental Analyses Defining Mechanical Characteristics of Obtained W-Cu-Ni Composite Applied as a Radiation Absorber Material
Francisco Carlos Cione, Evandro Giuseppe Betini, Marcos Galante Boato, Armando Cirilo de Souza, Jesualdo Luiz Rossi

Steady and Transient Numerical Solutions for Turbulent Fountain Jet
Remili Sadia, Azzi Abbes

Design and Simulation of a Solar Collector Reflector
Mutaz Elayyan, Ismail Kaleel Al Masalha, Aiman Al Alawin, Hussein Maaitah, Abdel Salam Alsabagh

Effect of Heating B20 Biodiesel Fuel to Increase Performance Using Heat Recovery of Cooling Jacket on Diesel Engine
Barokah Barokah, Semin Semin, Beny Cahyono, Bambang Sampurno

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