Vol 12, No 8 (2018)

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A Geometric Algorithm for Redundant Inverse Kinematics with Obstacle Avoidance in a Known Environment PDF
Kun Wang, Qi Wang, Huapeng Wu, Kun Jiang 649-656

Monitoring of Fine Dust Pollution of Urban Air Nearby Highways PDF
V. N. Azarov, I. V. Stefanenko, N. Yu. Karapuzova, D. A. Nikolenko 657-662

Building Information Modelling (BIM) on Energy Performance Assessment: a Review PDF
Afiqah Ngah Nasaruddin, Tee Boon Tuan, Mohd Tahir Musthafah 663-671

Thermal Performances Comparison in Various Types of Trapezoidal Corrugated Channel Using Nanofluids PDF
Raheem K. Ajeel, Wan Saiful-Islam Bin Wan Salim, Khalid bin Hasnan 672-683

Modeling a Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle PDF
Taoufik Ghabara, F. Tiss, R. Chouikh, A. Guizani 684-693

The Method for Determining the Relative Positions of the Operator's Arm for Master-Slave Teleoperation of Anthropomorphic Manipulator PDF
Fariza B. Tebueva, Vyacheslav I. Petrenko, Vladimir O. Antonov, Mikhail M. Gurchinsky 694-704

Thermodynamic Analysis of a Spark Ignition Internal Combustion Engines by Computational Simulations PDF
Daniel da Silva Tonon, Ezio Castejon Garcia 705-713

Design and Practical Realization of CNC Device Designed for Automation of the Application of Viscous Materials PDF
Peter Drgona, Rastislav Stefun, Lubos Stefke 714-720

Optimization of Design Parameters of Dust Collectors with Counter-Current Swirling Flows in the Systems of Dedusting Ventilation PDF
V. N. Azarov, I. V. Stefanenko, D. P. Borovkov, Ostaali Majd 721-725

Development of an On-board Power Pack for the Hydraulic Humanoid Robot HYDROïD PDF
Ahmed Abdellatif Hamed Ibrahim, Stephanie Hallak, Samer Alfayad 726-733

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