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A Computer Code for Wave Propagation in Flexible Pipelines Under Fluid Hammer Conditions

Dimitrios G. Pavlou(1*)

(1) University of Stavanger, Faculty of Science and Technology, Norway
(*) Corresponding author



Sudden or quick reduction of fluid flow in subsea or onshore polymeric pipelines for oil or water transportation, hydroelectric power plants, water supply networks, turbomachinery etc., has usually catastrophic consequences. Apart from the hydrostatic-induced mechanical stresses, the pipeline designers should take into account the dynamic pressure under unsteady loading conditions. Interaction of the fluid hammer-induced impact pressure with the elastic properties of a flexible Fiber Reinforced Polymeric (FRP) pipeline causes a radial displacement wave propagation in the pipe wall. Since the loading term in the governing equation contains the discontinuous Dirac Delta function to simulate the impactful nature of the pressure surge, the analytical solution is not an easy task. Because of the lack of tools for fluid hammer-induced pipeline deformation, the development of a computer code for simulation of the dynamic deformation of a flexible pipeline is the aim of the present work. For the solution of the motion equation, the adopted methodology employs integral transforms and generalized functions. An original code in Mathematica® platform for the solution of the model is proposed and results for the wave propagation in a FRP pipeline are provided and discussed.
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Fluid Hammer; Wave Propagation; Flexible Pipelines; Mathematica Code; Laplace Transform; Finite Sine Fourier Transform

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