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Methodology for the Static and Total Pressure Sensor Development Based on Elastic Sensing Elements and Linear CCD Matrices

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Based on the Airworthiness Standards requirements, accuracy of air pressures measurements is strict. The air flow static and total pressure measurement instrumental errors should not exceed 0.02% and 0.05% of the measurement range with 95% probability. These requirements are ensured by original aerometric pressure sensor based on one-dimensional high sensitivity charge-coupled device considered in this article. Non-contact reception of signal and sensor vacuum durability has significantly increased the efficiency of measurement processes. The algorithm for calculating elastic sensitive elements basic design parameters in the most of entire standard size range and technical secondary transducer capabilities is considered in the article. The results of the experiments conducted by the authors and the results of the authors experimental studies listed in the references have confirmed the adequacy of theoretical methods for calculating the parameters of elastic elements for pressure sensors.
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Aerometric Pressure Sensors; Elastic Sensing Element; Incident Air Flow Pressure; Linear CCD

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