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Investigation of Natural Frequency and Damping Ratio Due to Flow-Induced Vibration in a Finned Tube Subjected to Cross-Flow

Pravin Hindurao Yadav(1*), Dillip Kumar Mohanty(2)

(1) VIT-AP & Sharad Institute of Technology College of Engineering, Yadrav, India
(2) Associate Professore, VIT-AP Amaravati, India
(*) Corresponding author



Flow-induced vibration is one of the major causes of failure of shell and tube heat exchangers. Natural frequency and damping ratio are the two significant parameters which strongly affect the flow-induced vibration. There are various methods available to investigate the natural frequency for plane tubes, but very few are applicable for the finned tube. Also very limited literature is available to investigate the damping ratio by the theoretical method. The Finite Element Analysis (FEA) technique can be used to investigate the natural frequency and damping ratio of the finned tube. The objective of the present work is to analyse the natural frequency and damping ratio using the FEA technique. The modal analysis has been carried out with different tube geometries to analyse the range of resonant frequency. The harmonic analysis has been adopted to obtain the frequency response and the damping ratio has been calculated using the half bandwidth method. The free vibration test has been conducted with the piezoelectric accelerometer by considering the tube and rod attachment as a cantilever beam. The results of the FEA are in close agreement with the experimental results for finned tube arrangement. The results obtained for different fin geometry for natural frequency and damping ratio illustrate that the natural frequency is inversely proportional to fin height and fin pitch whereas the damping ratio is directly proportional to fin height and fin pitch.
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Flow-Induced Vibration; Modal Analysis; Harmonic Analysis; Finned Tube

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