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Vibration Reduction of an Excavator Bucket Using Attachment Technique

Md Shahriar Islam(1*), Fahim Mahmud Khan(2), Md Zahid Hossain(3)

(1) University of Saskatchewan, Canada
(2) Islamic University of Technology, Bangladesh
(3) Islamic University of Technology, Bangladesh
(*) Corresponding author



An excavator is a very popular machine in today’s mining industry, for construction, demolition, and material handling. In all these applications, linear and non-linear reaction forces are exerted onto the bucket and these forces induce a huge amount of noise and vibration, and finally, the vibration propagates to the whole body of the excavator. The vibration damages the bucket body and its cutting teeth with time, so it is a common practice to change the bucket with a new one or replace their teeth, which are no longer usable. This research work is focused on different techniques of using rubber and other materials attached to the bucket so that it can induce fewer disturbances resulting less vibration onto the bucket. A practical standard bucket has been considered for investigation. Firstly, the Modal analysis is performed to understand the mode shapes and the natural frequencies of the bucket (bare bucket and bucket with different attachments). Secondly, harmonic analysis has been performed to understand the amplitudes of the vibration in different modes. The results obtained from the simulation for different attachments are compared with the results of a standard bucket. A significant reduction of amplitude of vibration has been observed at different modes of vibration with the change of different kinds of attachment. Finally, a small-sized bucket has been manufactured and prepared for experiments and consequently, the simulation has been performed for this adopted size of the bucket in order to verify the simulation analysis and results.
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Excavator Bucket; Modal Analysis; Harmonic Analysis; Rubber; Vibration Reduction

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