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Reviewing the Flow Film Condensation Parameters Inside Different Geometry Configuration

Mustafa A. Abdulhussain(1*)

(1) Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Technology, Iraq
(*) Corresponding author



A literature survey on film condensation under various flow patterns such as annular, wavy, stratified and intermittent flow types numerically and experimentally for different fluids including refrigerants such as R141b, carbon dioxide, R134a, FC72, R290, R1234yf and ze(E) in addition to pure water vapor in tubes and mini-channels has been done between 2016-2020, taking into account variations in the geometry shaping characteristics used, including horizontal, vertical and inclined circular and twisted tubes for flat, finished and curved profiles and multiple cross-sectional mini-channels, including square, rectangular and triangular, with variations in their internal This survey includes shapes such as straight and convergent and/or divergent profiles, in addition to single and multi-port mini-channels. In addition, the effect of the surrounding cooling media type like stagnant air, natural gas flow (air and nitrogen), and immersed water are presented in this review. The survey focuses on the volume of fluid technique used in the numerical reviewed literature in order to solve the governing equations for laminar and turbulent flow conditions with great attention to the interface region characteristics between the vapor and the liquid phase for the above-mentioned flow types and their influence on the accuracy of the presented correlations on the evaluation of the condensate heat transfer coefficient.
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Film Condensation; Tubes; Mini-Channels Shape Configuration; Steam and Refrigerants; Surrounding Cooling Media

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