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Laser Beam Ultrasonic Assisted Fluxless Soldering of Ceramics Using Bi-Ag-La Solder

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The work dealt with the soldering of ceramic substrates by the application of laser beam heating using ultrasound assistance. The joints were fabricated at a laser beam power of 2 kW and ultrasound frequency of 40 kHz. The Bi11Ag2La alloy was applied as the solder, which wetted both substrates, namely Al2O3 and ZrO2. Wetting of the ZrO2 substrate was significantly better, attaining a wetting angle of 45.5°. In the case of Al2O3 the wetting angle attained just 73° under the same conditions. Neither a new transition layer, nor any contact interlayer were observed on the interface in either substrate. In spite of that, the fabricated joints achieved satisfactory quality and showed no cracks or irregularities.
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Biag11la2 Solder; Ultrasonic Soldering; Laser Soldering; Wetting; EDX Analysis

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