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An Approximate Method for Stress Analysis in Butt Joints of FRP Pipelines

Dimitrios G. Pavlou(1*)

(1) Department of Mechanical and Structural Engineering and Materials Science, University of Stavanger, Norway
(*) Corresponding author



Butt joint is a standard connection type for FRP pipelines. Shear stresses are taking place on the interfaces between the wrapping layer and the pipeline. An analytical model for calculating above stresses for joints subjected to axial loading is presented. The model is based on the equilibrium equations of an adhesive element and the bonded pipe elements, as well as the material properties of the anisotropic pipe wall, the wrapping element and the adhesive. Numerical results for typical FRP joints are derived and commented.
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Butt Joint; FRP Materials; Pipelines; Adhesive; Shear Stress

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