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Improvement Research on Quality Management Systems and Executive Ability Effect in the Chinese Welding Industry

Xiaochen Yang(1*), Paul Chu Kah(2), Ming Sun(3)

(1) Welding Technology Laboratory, School of Energy Systems, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland
(2) Welding Technology Laboratory, School of Energy Systems, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland
(3) Welding Technology Laboratory, School of Energy Systems, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland
(*) Corresponding author



Nowadays executive ability improvement research is fundamental in the Chinese welding industry for large-scale, state-owned, and joint-venture companies. It is important that the quality, cost, and productivity of their products are tightly linked with executive ability. The lack of executive ability in large-scale factories or a welding quality management system in middle and small-scale factories is a widely existing problem. The lack of powerful and appropriate executive ability means not only no increases in the quality and productivity, but also no decreases in the manufacturing cost. On the other hand, for small and middle-scale factories, a welding quality management system is important. These two topics, executive ability and the quality management system, are the most significant and urgent issues to the Chinese welding industry. The paper presents the current situation of the relationship of the quality management system and executive ability of companies and factories in the Chinese welding industry in different geographical areas. The paper first analyzes the existing research circumstance and finally provides countermeasures and suggestions to the Chinese welding companies. As a result, this paper presents proposals to increase the executive ability and also a way to build a welding quality management system. They can be implemented in different scale welding enterprises also for other new industrial countries.
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Executive Ability; Welding Management; Chinese Welding Industry; Quality Management; Welding Manufacture

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