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Industrial Testing Method Hydrodynamic Modeling Apparatus with a Regular Movable Packing

Zhandos Serikuly(1*), Arailym Dzhumabekkyzy Kaldikulova(2), Bahytzhan Orazalievich Ospanov(3), Serik Arginbaevich Kumisbekov(4)

(1) Faculty Mechanical and Petroleum Engineering, M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University, Kazakhstan
(2) Faculty Computer Engineering and standardization, certification, International Humanitarian-Technical University, Kazakhstan
(3) Faculty Mechanical and Petroleum Engineering, M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University, Kazakhstan
(4) Faculty Mechanical and Petroleum Engineering, M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University, Kazakhstan
(*) Corresponding author



The article describes industrial test apparatus with regular movable packing and switchgear for equalizing of gas flow in the scheme of sulfur dioxide gas absorption in production chromic sulphate. Device for evenly flow distribution across the cross section of the apparatus was obtained based on hydrodynamic modeling method. The work presents industrial testing and laboratory testing hydrodynamic modeling, confirmed the effectiveness of the distribution device and it obtains limit parameter values apparatus with regular movable packing. A comparison of regular movable packing elements with Raschig rings was done. Data obtained show the high efficiency of cleaning captured components and sufficiently low energy consumption.
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Industrial Test; Regular Movable Packing; Switchgear; Gas Flow

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Standing regulations of the manufacture of chromium oxide metallurgical plant №4, JSC "Aktobe plant of chromium compounds, 2010.


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