Bluff Body Edge Effect on Pressure-Hill and Zone of Influence

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Effect of the edge geometry on the pressure-hill height and influcne zone expanse for flow past a flat plate was studied in a water flow channel. The results show that, for Reynolds number below 1500 there is twin vortex just downstream the plate, from Re = 1500 to 2500 the flow behind the plate transits to become a wake. In the range of Reynolds number over which the twin vortices formed at the base of the plate transits to the wake, both the pressure-hill height and influence-zone width increase steeply. For Reynolds number below this range the edge shape effect on pressure-hill and inlfunce-zone are only marginal. At all Reynolds numbers in the range from 1000 to 3000, the influence of flat edge is significantly higer than the sharp and semi-circular edges
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Pressure-Hill; Influence Zone; Reynolds Number; Vortex; Bluff Body

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