Design of Controllers for Dual-Motor Ball and Beam System

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This paper presents the design of controllers for a dual-motor ball and beam system and simulation of the system using MATLAB SIMULINK. The control of Dual Motor Ball and Beam (DMBB) system is proposed which is a best example for a non-linear system. In the Dual Motor Ball and Beam (DMBB) system, the output (the ball position) increases without limit for a fixed input (beam angle). The controller’s job is to regulate the position of the ball on the beam by changing the angle of the beam. Controllers are designed for this system so that the ball's position can be manipulated. In this work, we have adopted a linear model and each motor’s angular position is controlled by PD controller which is designed using root locus technique, while the ball position is controlled by an outer lead compensation loop which is designed using MATLAB SISO TOOL.
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DMBB System; PD Controller Design; Root Locus Technique; SISO TOOL; MATLAB

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