Thermal Radiation Effects on an Unsteady MHD Couette Flow of High Prandtl Number Fluids between Concentric Cylinders in the Presence of Porous Medium

P. Loganathan(1*), Nirmal Chand Peddisetty(2)

(1) Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Anna University, India
(2) Department of mathematics, Anna University, Chennai, India
(*) Corresponding author

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Due to considerable applications in transportation and lubrication engineering and limited research on high Prandtl number fluids, this study investigates radiation and viscous heating effects on Couette flow of high Prandtl number fluids through a porous medium in the presence of a transverse applied magnetic field. The transient velocity and temperature profiles generated under the influence of viscous heating have been calculated. Numerical solutions are obtained for the governing momentum and energy equations by considering viscous dissipation effects. The governing partial differential equations of the flow are solved by employing an implicit finite difference scheme of Crank-Nicolson type. In the steady state the presence of porous medium produces higher temperatures for sufficiently low permeability and skewed temperature profiles are observed for medium permeability with high temperature gradients at all times. The particular solutions of the present investigation are compared with the available published results and are found to be in excellent agreement
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Couette Flow; Viscosity; Porous Medium; Magnetic Field; Radiation

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