Modelling, Simulation and Dimensional Synthesis of Three Degrees of Freedom Triglide Parallel Manipulator

C. Dhandapani(1*), R. Sivaramakrishnan(2)

(1) Sr Lecturer, Rajagopal Polytechnic College, Gudiyattam-63262, India
(2) Sr Lecturer, Rajagopal Polytechnic College, Gudiyattam-63262, India
(*) Corresponding author

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This paper presents modelling, simulation and dimensional sysnthesis of a triglide type of 3 DOF parallel manipulator actuated by three screw pairs. The manipulator is constructed with a fixed base and a top movable platform, which are linked through three rigid links of equal lengths spaced at equal angular distances from each other. One end of each link is provided with a spherical pair and is attached to the movable platform and the other end to a screw pair through a nut with revolute joints. The three screw pairs are actuated individually by stepper motors. A model has been fabricated and experimental analysis were carried out to find the angular tilt of moving platform. In order to verify the experimental results the position kinematic analysis is performed. Further validation of the model is done through the software packages Pro-E and ADAMS, to simulate and to get the linear displacement of the nut and the angle of tilt of the moving platform. The results obtained from experimental, and simulation methods are verified and found to be closer in all the cases. This mechanism of parallel manipulator, no doubt shall find its way for performing applications like drilling inclined holes and angular machining
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Kinematics; PRO-E; Dimensional Synthesis; Simulation; Triglide

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