Influence of the Slope Angle on the Transient Natural Convection of a Newtonian Fluid Delimited by Portions of Cylinders

Omar Ngor Thiam(1*), Samba Dia(2), Joseph Sarr(3)

(1) Fluid Mechanics and Dynamic Systems Group of the Fluid Mechanic and Application Laboratory of the Dakar University., Senegal
(2) Fluid Mechanics and Dynamic Systems Group of the Fluid Mechanic and Application Laboratory of the Dakar University, Senegal
(3) Professor, Faculty of Science and Techniques, Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar (Senegal), Senegal
(*) Corresponding author

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Effects of the inclination angle fi on a two dimensional natural convection in an enclosure delimited by portions of cylinders has been analyzed numerically. The Rayleigh number and the angle of inclination are used as control parameters for flow and heat transfer. fi was varied from 0 to pi, for a range of Rayleigh number from 105 to 107. The governing equations are solved with finite difference method with a purely implicit scheme for time discretization. The algebraic systems of equations are solved by a Successive Under Relaxation (SUR) method. The results showed that if the transition from a pseudo-conductive regime to a convective one is slightly affected by fi, the thermal and dynamical fields  are very different according to whether fi is superior or equal to pi/2
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Angle of Inclination; Bicylindrical Coordinates; Convection; Heat Transfer

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