CT Measurement and Geometrical Shape Analysis for Human Shoulder Glenoid

Salah H.R. Ali(1*), Sarwat Z. A. Zahwi(2)

(1) Engineering and Surface Metrology Dept., Precision Engineering Division, National Institute for Standards (NIS), Giza (12211), PO Box 136, Egypt
(2) Engineering and Surface Metrology Dept., Precision Engineering Division, National Institute for Standards (NIS), Giza (12211), PO Box 136, Egypt
(*) Corresponding author

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Human glenoid allows the easy dynamic motion of arm movement in all directions with high accuracy and good installation. Glenoid is a small element and an essential part of total shoulder joint replacement. Therefore, the study and analysis of the geometrical shape for human glenoid is worthy important. The design of replacement-part as an artificial glenoid needs accurate dimensional measurement and suitable material.In this paper, dimension inspection and geometrical shape of different glenoid cavities for human volunteers using metrological computed tomography (CT) technique are measured. Statistical evaluation of anatomical glenoid measurements has been analyzed and confirmed. A developed design for a glenoid replacement is proposed. The proposed design is different from the common commercial artificial glenoid. Simulation for the proposed design using AutoCAD software is presented. Moreover, simulation analyses of the compression stress which may affect the geometry of surfaces deformations are studied using SolidWorks software. Different engineered polymeric-base biomaterials at different loads were also applied and discussed. A prototype for the proposed shoulder glenoid replacement is manufactured using CNC machine
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Dimensional Metrology; Geometrical Shape; CNC Machine; Glenoid; Prototype

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