Wear and Friction Behaviour of 7075Al-25 SiC Particle Composites Sliding Against Automobile Friction Material

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The wear and friction behaviour of 7075 Al-25(wt %) SiC particle composite were investigated at a speed range of 3 to 9 m/s and load range of 30 to 110 N using pin-on-disc wear testing machine. In this work, the automobile friction material was used as pin and the composite as counter face and the results were compared with the commercially used cast iron brake disc. The results show that the wear rate of the Al MMC disc was less than that of the conventional cast iron disc. The coefficient of friction decreases with increase of applied load for both cast iron and Al MMC materials. However, the friction coefficient of Al MMC is higher than that of the cast iron. In all tests it is observed that the wear rate of friction material was more when sliding against MMC disc because of the abrasive action of fractured and pulled out SiC particles. The wear grooves formed on the cast iron disc, MMC disc and friction material have been analysed using optical micrographs and X- ray diffraction (XRD) technique
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Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs); Wear; Optical Microscopy; Stir Casting

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