Automation of Aluminum Alloy Welding

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Aluminum and its alloys, due to the characteristic features of aluminum like low density, good strength, ductility, corrosion resistance, and high thermal and electrical conductivities, are being used in a wide number of industrial applications, and the welding processes for aluminum are being automated for high-scale manufacturing. However there are some difficulties associated with the welding of aluminum for different welding processes. This work aims to describe and compare various methods for the automated fusion welding processes of aluminum alloys. It is almost exclusively made by reviewing several research articles and literature and discusses about the fusion welding process for aluminum alloys, its benefits, drawbacks, and usual applications. The most usual defects generated by these processes are also the target of this analysis. Two comparison tables are also presented and commented on, one comparing the features of each type of welding process and the other on comparing quantitative parameters, like the welding speed and weld type, as well as the quality of the weld, from various real world applications. It was found that the automated welding of aluminum is a well-established subject and that solutions for most industrial automated aluminum welding needs can be further explored
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Aluminum; Automation; Sensor; Hybrid Laser Arc Welding

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