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Experimental Investigation on Electrochemical Micro Machining of Al-10%wt SiCp Based on Taguchi Design of Experiments

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Micro Electro chemical machining manufacturers and users are to achieve a better stability and high economical productivity of the manufacturing process is the main objectives of this investigation. This paper investigates the influence of the process parameters like machining voltage, electrolyte concentration, frequency on the over cut and Material Removal Rate (MRR). This paper discusses a methodology for the optimization of the machining parameters on drilling of Al-SiCp  Metal Matrix composites using Electrochemical Micro Machining (EMM). The taguchi L27 orthogonal array and analysis of variance are employed to study the influence of machining parameters such as machining voltage, Electrolyte concentration, Frequency on the over cut and Material Removal Rate (MRR). Based on the Taguchi analysis, optimum level of parameters is determined and the same to validate through the confirmation test. Experimental results are in close agreement with the developed model. It is observed that the machining performance can be effectively improved with respect to initial parametric setting.
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Metal Matrix Composite (MMC); Material Removal Rate; Overcut; Electrochemical Micromachining (EMM); Taguchi; ANOVA; Design of Experiment

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