Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Alloy 7075 Reinforced with Tungsten Carbide and Fly-Ash

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Aluminium based Hybrid metal matrix composite of varied weight percentage of tungsten carbide and fly ash have to be fabricated by stir casting method with acceptable uniform distribution of the reinforcement particles. A fair change in the hardness of the metal matrix composite is to be observed with increase in the WC content. Considerable increase in the hardness is expected to be observed with the addition of 5% weight of Fly ash and as the content of the Fly ash increased, the hardness tends to drop in the AMC .The tensile strength of the AMC is expected to  increase with the increase in weight percentage of WC. With the addition of 10% weight of Fly ash to MMC, there could be improvement in tensile strength .The mechanical properties (Tensile Strength; Hardness) of the hybrid metal matrix composite were comparatively less to that of the AMCs. The SEM image will also to be incorporated to ascertain that both WC and Fly ash particles are well distributed in the AMC. From this research it is to be arrived to a conclusion that whether Tungsten Carbide and Fly ash can be used for the production of composites replacing the high cost aluminium alloy (7075)
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Al 7075; WC; Flyash; SEM; Tensile Strength; Hardness

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