2D Simulation of FC72 Sessile Droplet Evaporation in the Constant Contact Line Region

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A 2-dimensional simulation of FC72 sessile droplet evaporation on a substrate layer consisting of silicon and Kapton tape has been carried out to study the heat and fluid flow inside the droplet as well as its surroundings. The momentum and volume fraction (VOF) equations were solved simultaneously with the heat and diffusion equations to obtain the flow profiles. The simulated conditions were based on actual experiments. This paper presents the findings for the simulated experimental condition for the same substrate and surrounding temperature under a constant contact line condition. The initial conditions for the substrate, surroundings and droplet was set to, as best as possible, the same condition as the experiment. Quantitative as well as qualitative comparisons were made between the experimental and simulated results. The simulation also predicted the temperature and concentration fields inside and outside the evaporating droplet. The predicted temperature and heat transfer profiles were compared to experimental results and were found to be qualitatively agreeable
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Droplet Evaporation; CFD; Temperature; Concentration

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