Crashworthiness Design of Vehicle Side Door Beam Based on Elliptical Geometry Modification Using Multi-Objective Optimization

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Side Door Beam (SDB) is one of the crucial parts of today’s vehicles in order to meet the passenger safety. Through an explicit finite element analysis (FEA), material selection for the SDB under impact is evaluated by using three different sheets of material to achieve the maximum possible specific energy absorption (SEA). To find the lowest peak load, the carefully chosen SDB is investigated based on its orientation angle toward the rigid wall impactor. The elliptical cross section of the selected SDB is taken into account by considering two variables of geometrical parameters; thickness and minor to major diameter ratios. Accordingly, Multi-objective optimization of the SDB is performed using response surface method (RSM) to reach the mentioned objectives and to determine the optimal sectional configuration of the SDB
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Crashworthiness; FEA; Elliptical Beam; Multi-Objective Optimization

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