Active Vibration Control in Smart Structures

Prasad J. Ravindra(1*), P. K. Palani(2)

(1) Ph.D. Research Scholar, Mechanical Engineering Department, Government College of Technology, Coimbatore ,Tamil Nadu, India, India
(2) Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering, Govt. College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, India
(*) Corresponding author

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When a system is subjected to dynamic loading, it causes vibratory motion. For the better stability of the system, this vibration should be eliminated. But practically vibration can be brought down to some extent, and cannot be eliminated completely. It can be control by appropriate control methods. The passive and active vibration control techniques can be used for control. This can be achieved by modification of the system’s structural response. The objective of the present work is to carry out modeling, analysis and simulation of active vibration control of an Aluminium cantilever beam using piezoelectric sensors and actuators. The mathematical model of the cantilever beam bonded with piezoceramic actuator is formulated as a multilayer piezo composite beam. The finite element modeling and analysis of the beam with sensors and actuators is done using the finite element package ANSYS. The location of the piezo is determined based on maximum deflection of beam obtained in ANSYS coupled field analysis. Modal analysis is performed in ANSYS and the natural frequencies and mode shapes of the beam are found out for the applied voltage. Proportional-integral controller was developed and experiments was carried out by using Labview software
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Active Vibration Control; Smart Structure; Sensor; Proportional-Integral Controller and Actuator

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