Study of Substituting an Electromechanical System by a Hydro-Pneumatic System in a Sorting Line of Ceramic Plates

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This study aims to develop an electromechanical system to perform alternating movements, including ascents and descents in a stacker machine for classification of ceramic tiles, replacing a cylinder hydropneumatic where this is showing faults during the working process. Initially, we collected some system parameters such as time of ascent and descent of the truck and the mass of the system by adding the mass of the material, in this case the ceramic coating. Given this information we propose design all efforts in the system and make the correct choice of machine elements to be used in the mechanism.
This will be through mathematical calculations, brochures, catalogs, books, parts of machinery and the use of software like SolidWorks. The final set will consist of a geared traction as main axes (driving and driven), and synchronized belt pulleys, bearings, screws and mounting base. The proposed project aims to minimize downtime, reduce maintenance cost of repairing these cylinders, gain speed and thereby improve the performance of machine.

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Tools; Hydraulic Presses; Manufacturing Process

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