Influence of N2 and H2O on UV Irradiated Bio Polymer Composite

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This study reports on the effect of UV-light on the FTIR spectra of bio polymer doped with 10 % TiO2 (BPF1.0) in a gas cell full with nitrogen gas (N2) and a droplet of water (H2O). The film samples were put in the 10 cm NaCl gas cell with 99.99 % N2 with H2O at different exposure time of 40 °C. An unexposed gas cell fill with N2 and H2O is used for the purposed of comparison. The chemical structural changes in the UV irradiated gas cell were monitored by Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy methods. The changes in hydroxyl, (OH) and carbon nitrogen double bond, (C=N) of bio polymer doped with TiO2 under UV exposures were discussed. OH and C=N intensities decreases of exposed to UV light under N2 with H2O in gas cell. The UV-radiation shows FTIR spectrum changes on BPF1.0 of exposed to nitrogen gas and water
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Bio Polymer; Nitrogen (N2); Water (H2O); Gas Cell; UV Light; FTIR Spectra

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