Implementation of LQR Controller on Electromagnetic Suspension System for Passenger’s Car

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In the past few decades, researchers have been focusing on improving control strategy for automotive active suspension system. There are few configurations used in active suspension mechanism and one of them is Electromagnetic Suspension (EMS) System. In this study, the implementation of a Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) controller in an EMS System for vehicle Active Suspension System (ASS) was investigated. This provides an optimal control solution for the active suspension system. Quarter vehicle model of an electromagnetic suspension was derived and employed to study the implementation of the LQR controller. Detailed parametric analysis for the proposed controller and implementation results will be presented in this paper. This is done by investigating the effect of weighting parameters in the performance index of the optimal control strategy in stabilising the vehicle response. The controller’s performance was compared against a passive suspension system based on a commercial passenger’s car. Parametric analyses revealed the importance of weighting parameters in the optimal control formulation. Finally, it was proven that LQR controller strategy provides a satisfactory improvement for the EMS system compared to passive suspension performance
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LQR Controller; Electromagnetic Suspension; Active Suspension

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