Vol 1, No 1 (2013)

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Relating Ownership and Board Characteristics to Earnings Management: Evidence from France PDF
Faten Lakhal, Mehdi Nekhili, Intissar Timoumi 1-12

Framework of Cascade Quality Prediction Method Using Latent Variables for Multi-Stage Manufacturing PDF
Fahmi Arif, Nanna Suryana, Burairah Hussin 13-22

The Application of Balance Scorecards in Public Hospital Administration in China PDF
Liqun Zhang, Zengbiao Yu, Zhijun Lin 23-34

Integration of Fuzzy Delphi, Fuzzy Clustering and Back-Propagation Neural Networks with Adaptive Learning Rate for Sales Forecasting in ERP Architecture PDF
Hicham Attariuas, Mohammed Bouhorma, Abdellah El Fallahi 35-45

Best Practices in e-Business Process Management. The C2C and C2B Models PDF
Khalid Khanfar, Asim El Sheikh, Ibrahim El Badawi 46-54

Closed Circle Internet E-Payment System Schema PDF
Khalid Khanfar, Asim El Sheikh, Ismail Alazzah, Alla’ Aldeen Alqousini 55-62

A Policy-Driven Method for IT Infrastructure Selection in Power Distribution Automation System PDF
A. Fereidunian, C. Lucas, H. Lesani, R. Rahmani, A. W. Wymore 36-74

PROMETHEE: a Fuzzy Algorithm for Decision Making in Stock Market Value Investing PDF
Hua Li, Shuanghong Qu, Hua Zhu 75-80

A Novel Algorithm for Analysis of Buyer Satisfaction for the Third Party Logistics in C2C E-Commerce Market PDF
Qinghua Zhang 81-86

A New Fuzzy Approach on Planning and Decision Making in Engineering and Construction Industry PDF
Parna Imannejad, Ali Karimpour 87-94

Product Line Production Planning Model Based on Genetic Algorithm PDF
Guozhang Jiang, Yuesheng Gu, Jianyi Kong, Gongfa Li, Liangxi Xie 95-99

Roberto F Lu, Thomas D Petersen and Richard L Storch, Modeling customized product configuration in large assembly manufacturing with supply-chain considerations, International Journal of Flexible Manufacturing Systems, vol.19, n. 4, pp. 685-712, 2007. ht PDF
Yujing Wang 100-105

Migration Traditional Projects to Enterprise Resource Planning System PDF
Basem Zughoul, Burairah Hussin 106-113

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