A New Fuzzy Approach on Planning and Decision Making in Engineering and Construction Industry

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In recent years engineering and construction industry faces formidable challenges in control project and optimization of management decision making. The requirements and challenges of today's world have made managers to explore new methods in dealing with solving management problems, methods with high flexibility, which can adapt plans to real conditions can help one to make a decision at right time. This paper proposes a new method to obtain the optimal solution in construction environment with uncertainty and dynamics. Since linear programming is the most natural mechanism for formulating a vast array of problems with the modest effort, we use linear programming to solve this problem and we are modeling uncertainties, dynamic information and linguistic terms of expert with fuzzy theory. So in this research the optimal solution of the problem will be obtained by using dynamic fuzzy linear programming approach and MATLAB computation
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Fuzzy Modeling; Fuzzy Decision Making; Planning; Dynamic; Linguistic Data; Uncertainty Handling

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