Value Rate in Highway Cross-Sections During Its Life Cycle

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The decision-making in the evaluation of roads has been carried out according with different approaches. At first it was evaluated using two single criteria, generally the economic and temporary aspects. However, in the past few years, the multiple criteria evaluation models are staring to be implemented. This article presents a methodology based on the value analysis used for the evaluation of roads (planning stage). A model of evaluation is developed in order to obtain a value rate that can integrate all the aspects to be developed, evaluating all alternatives between 0 and 1. The relative valuation between pairs is carried out by means of a hierarchic process. In order to validate the methodology, the cross-section of two alternatives will be evaluated. One alternative is based on prefabricated elements whereas the other refers to traditional asphalt solution.
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AHP; Criteria; Decision-Aking; Evaluation; Highway; Life-Cycle; Model; Planning Stage; Value Rate

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