Quality Optimization of a Cereal Product

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The cereal transaction is conditioned by the quality of cereals determining the price of the transaction (purchase or sale). Due to the disparity of the cereal quality in terms of diverse manipulated batches, the stability of the product delivered by the wholesaler and destined to the first transformer is fluctuating and hence affecting the quality of the consumer’s final product. With regards to the importance of the cereal sector in Tunisia, and within the context of valorization of the Cereal Office, we were committed to study the management of stock mobility with the intention of reducing disparity in delivered cereal quality through the use of blending techniques (mixture of many batches of cereals of similar nature with different proportions). In this paper, we apply both Genetic Algorithm and Fuzzy Logic in order to optimize the quality of the mixed product.
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Genetic Algorithm; Fuzzy Logic; Classification of the Quality; Fuzzy Rule

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