A Novel Approach for Pricing of Power Losses and Congestion Management Based on Static Security Assessment and Voltage Stability

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With the increase in power demand, operation of power systems will become more complex and so be can less secure. Moreover, the problem of power system security is a mater of grave concern in a deregulated power system. In a deregulated power system, power system must kept secure and reliable. Applying taxes for congestion of transmission lines and losses must be accounted fairly in elucidates way for market participants. So, in open access electricity markets, a desirable allocation of fair cost for transmission is one of the most existing challenges. In this paper, a novel approach is used for allocating taxes for power losses. In this approach, performance index which is a combination of security indexes, power losses and Voltage stability is used. A novel application of fuzzy logic based analytical hierarchy process is applied to find weighting factor of transmission line pricing. Simulation results are presented for IEEE 30 bus power system
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Pricing; Congestion Management; Power Losses; Analytical Hierarchy Process; Fuzzy Logic

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