Online Customer Experience and its Determinants in e-Retailing

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The purpose of this article is to investigate whether online shopping environment, product value, service quality, and consumer goals (i.e., utilitarian versus hedonic oriented goals) would influence online customer experience and to explore how they impact online customer experience in an e-retailing context. A survey-based quantitative approach is used to examine the effects of online shopping environment, product value, and service quality on online customer experience, as well as the moderating role of consumer goals. With the data collected in China, a multiple regression analysis is conducted to test the hypotheses. The findings suggest that online shopping environment, product value, and service quality would positively affect online customer experience. Furthermore, it is found that consumer goals moderate the influence of online shopping environment and service quality on customer experience, but it did not support that consumer goals moderated the impact of product value on online customer experience. The results give guidance to e-retailers that which variables they should pay attention to and how to effectively use the factors of online customer experience to develop strategies.
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Online Customer Experience; Online Shopping Environment; Product Value; Service Quality; Consumer Goals

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