Proposal of Special Issue hosting Conference paper

The scientists interested to propose a Special Issue should send to Praise Worthy Prize (PWP) a proposal request document.
Such document should contain the following information:
1- Title of the Special Issue;
2- Topics to be included in the Special Issue;
3- A proposed time schedule that includes the date of the first submission and a submission deadlines for all manuscripts.

1- After received the Proposal request document, the Associate editors of the Journals will evaluate the proposal. If accepted the Editors reserve the right to request for some modifications to the original proposal.
2- The Guest Editors will receive the formal prices for publishing the Special Issue (see Special Issue conditions) and the License agreement to be signed.
3- After received the payment previewed for the Special Issue, the Guest Editors will receive the logo to be used to sponsor the Special issue.
4- All papers will be submitted through PWP online submission system. Manuscripts should follow the Journal template and should be full, regulars research papers.
5- All papers will be evaluated with the regular evaluation procedure of the Journal by the Editorial board and/or reviewers of the Journal.
6- The evaluations of papers, as well as the procedure to follow for the publication, will be communicated directly to the authors by means of the online submission system and forwarded to the Guest Editors
7- The Conference Organizers should pay, for each accepted papers, the regular fees previewed for the publication on the Journal.
8- The Guest Editors will not pay anything and each of them will receive a free e-journal version of the Special Issue.

In order to publish a Special Issue there should be at least 10 accepted and publishable papers, otherwise the Special Issue will be converted in a Special Section hosted in a regular issue of the Journal.

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