Management Software Strategy with Mobile Agent

M. Bernichi(1*), M. Mourlin(2)

(1) University of Paris-Créteil XII, France
(2) University of Paris-Créteil XII, France
(*) Corresponding author

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Mobile agents can physically travel across a network, and perform tasks on machines that provide agent hosting capability. This allows on one hand processes to migrate from computer to computer and on the other to split into multiple instances that are executed on different machines, before returning to their point of origin. This capability is essential for scheduling software and applying asset management strategy. A mobile agent is able to check-in and check-out resources, inventory assets with parsing log file, automatically discover anomalies, track usage and depreciation, etc. Our framework is based on a mobile agency using mobile agents. The document contains a description where each agent has its roadmap and a description of its activity and so collaborates to a global observation of the network. Our approach is illustrated with precise results about a web application
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Asset Management; Mobile Agent; Community

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