Resource Allocation Strategies on Cloud Data Center: Survey and Challenges

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In the big data era, a strategy to manage the resources for the data center that serves cloud services poses challenges. Big data of various formats, types, volumes, and processes need to manage appropriate resources. It is important to maintain Data Center services in sustainable ways. Data Center infrastructures such as clusters, grids, high-performance computing, and clouds have similar issues on resources capacities and performances. Several strategies for resource allocation have been established, from tendering, auction, and commodity. The research investigates and discovers the development of strategies and the adaptation on big data issues. The research investigates the main strategies for resource allocation, which have several approaches and methods of implementation. It is mostly based on the performance enhancement, but less on the characteristics. The research contribution shows that there are opportunities to manage the resource based on the characteristics, that are as promising as the big data resource allocation strategy.
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Resource Allocation; Strategy; Big Data; Data Center; Cloud

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