UTeM Renewable Energy Showcase (URE)

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UTEM Renewable Energy Showcase (URE) is setting in whichsomethingmay be displayed,especially to advantage for the University when visitors visit the University. URE is the products from research at Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The URE combine between several projects such that 60W standalone photovoltaic (PV) system and standalone hybrid photovoltaic-wind generation system which is integrated solar and wind turbine. The research for 60W standalone photovoltaic (PV) system will be conducted to enhance the understanding of the design and analysis studies of the 60W standalone PV system in practical application. This system consists of photovoltaic module/panel, regulator, inverter, battery, load and support structure. The PV will generate electrical power, transmit through the wires and store in the battery. Finally, it will be utilized by the AC or DC loads. For hybrid photovoltaic-wind generation system will be conducted to study and analyzes the effectiveness of stand-alone hybrid for PV-Wind generation system. The hybrid PV-Wind is a combination of wind turbine generator and solar PV system installed at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UTeM. It used to charge the battery and power up the LED street lighting. The both systems will be modified and maintain as a showcase for the University.
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60W Stand-Alone Photovoltaic (PV) System; 100W Stand-Alone Hybrid Photovoltaic; Wind Generation System; UTeM Renewable Energy Showcase (URE)

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