A Cooperative Framework for Intelligent Decision Support Systems

A. Adla(1*), M. T. Laskri(2), J. L. Soubie(3)

(1) Computer Science Department, Oran University, Algeria
(2) Rector of Badji Mokhtar University, Annaba, Algeria
(3) IRIT- Paul Sabatier University, France
(*) Corresponding author

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Traditional Decision Support Systems (DSS) have been closed systems and are limited to the data and models contained within the system. In general, the type of support provided is relatively passive because decision makers are expected to scan internal and external data, and find discrepancies and deviations from expectations invoking ad hoc queries and reports that run on operational databases. By endowing the machine of additional capacities to intelligently guide the decision maker in its problem solving process, the system plays a collaborator’s role with the decision-maker. We propose, in this paper, a Cooperative Framework for Intelligent Decision Support System. The framework embeds expert knowledge within the DSS to provide intelligent decision support, and implements the intelligent DSS using collaboration technologies. This implies a human decision-maker and an automated system sharing dynamically the tasks and jointly working towards a decision. We illustrate the applicability and relevance of this framework through a case study related to crisis management.
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Decision Process; Decision Support Systems; Intelligent DSS; Cooperative DSS

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