A Cohabitation Framework for AOSD Models

Abdel Hakim Hannousse(1*), Okba Kazar(2), Djamel Meslati(3), Zhiming Liu(4)

(1) United Nations University, International Institute for Software Technology, China
(2) Computer Science Department, University of Biskra, Algeria
(3) Computer Science Department, University of Annaba, Algeria
(4) United Nations University, International Institute for Software Technology, China
(*) Corresponding author

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In fact, effective assessment of Aspect Oriented Software Development (AOSD) models has been a challenge since the arising of the first aspect-oriented programming languages in the past decade. This paper addresses the assessment problem of AOSD models by introducing a framework where more than one AOSD model can be used for the design and the implementation of the same software system. That proposal makes a possible cohabitation between the AOSD models. In the proposed framework, both Design Patterns and AOSD technologies are connected for achieving the design of software systems. Our idea consists of specifying the patterns satisfying system requirements then applying a software quality assessment process based on adapted object oriented metrics to identify the effective AOSD model for each required pattern. As a result of our model, a software system can be designed using more than one AOSD model which makes the resulting software system more re-usable.
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Aspect Oriented Software Development; Assessment; Design Patterns; Software Process

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