Transferring Data between Any Two UDDI v3 – Compliant Repositories - K.A.L.I.N.A. Data Migration Tool

A. Mintchev(1*)

(1) Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski”, Bulgaria
(*) Corresponding author

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With the discontinuing of the operation of the UDDI Business Registry in January 2006, the focus of UDDI is being moved towards individual enterprise solutions. Whereas each commercial UDDI implementation claim to support the UDDI standard, the interoperability between any two UDDI products of different vendors is  zero, in the sense that once having bought a UDDI product of a particular vendor and having published their data into it, the customers could not migrate their existing UDDI solution to that of a new vendor, as neither there exist a tool to transfer the UDDI user data, nor is there a commercial realization of the UDDI v3 replication protocol available, with the help of which the data could be transferred. This paper introduces a design of a software tool that transfers part or all of the user data from any source UDDI V3 compliant repository into any destination UDDI V3 compliant repository. UDDI entity keys and ownership of UDDI data from the source repository are preserved into the destination repository, whenever this is possible. tModels of checked value sets are transferred as unchecked value sets and values of checked value sets (if any) are not transferred.
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UDDI; Repositories; Data Transfer; Import; Export; SOAP

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