Optimum Configurations for an Open Source IP-PBX System with Botswana Telecommunication Corporation’s (BTC) PSTN Network

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This paper outlines how Small Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) businesses and home users can mainly implement VoIP at their home and work places. This paper also outlines how an open-source system using asterisk can be configured to its optimum configurations to work with BTC’s (Botswana Telecommunication Corporation) PSTN telephone network in Botswana and thus replacing a traditional PBX system with an IP–PBX. It was discovered that an implementation using an Open source IP-PBX system namely Asterisk to connect and make calls using a Digium TDM400P card connecting to Botswana Telecommunication Corporation’s (BTC’s) existing PSTN network in Botswana, the Echo_Can_Mark2 echo canceller in asterisk works best providing minimal echo
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BTC; VOIP; PSTN; Open Source; IP-PBX; Echo Cancellers

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