Remote Control Architecture Over Internet Based on Multi Agents Systems

Adil Sayouti(1*), Fatima Qrichi Aniba(2), Hicham Medromi(3)

(1) HASSAN II University, Casablanca, Morocco, Morocco
(2) ENSAM in 2003 Meknes, Morocco, Morocco
(3) Professor for automatic productic and computer sciences at the ENSEM, Hassan II University, Casablanca., Morocco
(*) Corresponding author

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Internet is not only an information highway, but also a mean to remotely control mechanical systems, such as robotic devices. The Internet limits the quantity of information which can be transmitted and introduces delays which can make the remote control difficult or impossible. The solutions, proposed to face the limitations of the communication channel, are founded on the autonomy and the intelligence based on multi agents systems granted to the robot in order to interact with its environment and to collaborate with the remote user. In a first part of this paper, we are presenting the main interests of such a remote control and we are describing some existing applications. In a third part, we are proposing a system architecture to realize such remote control. In the fourth part, we are presenting our control architecture. An illustration of our architecture is given in an application of control of an autonomous mobile robot
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Remote Control; Internet; Multi Agents Systems; Control Architecture; Robotic

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