A Hybrid Protocol for Consistency Management of Replicas in OptorSim Simulator

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In large scale distributed systems, technique of replication is one of the popular research topics and is a widely accepted way to improve the accessibility of information and to survive the unreliability of communication networks, but the use of this technique can be very expensive to take account the consistency management of the replicas. In this paper, we present an extension of the OptorSim simulator by a consistency management module of the replicas in the Data Grids. The consistency manager inspired by the pessimistic and optimistic approaches of consistency, this suggested  approach has two vocations, in the first time, it makes it possible to reduce the response times compared with the completely pessimistic approach, in the second time, it gives a good quality of service compared with the optimistic approach.
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Data Grid; Replication; Optimistic Approach; Pessimistic Approach; Consistency; Optorsim

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