A Low Cost Multipurpose Algorithm for Secure Transfer of Medical Images

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On-line medical image distribution is widely used nowadays between healthcare institutions. Medical images are a type of data requiring a large processing capacity and transmission bandwith, so, compression is often mandatory. Besides, the integrity and confidentiality of image content is a critical issue due to diagnostic and ethics requirements.  In this work, we aim at giving an efficient scheme to provide confidentiality for the transmission of medical images and related data with a minimal computational effort. The proposed system consists of an efficient combination of a lossless compression algorithm, encryption in a CBC mode, and spatial domain watermarking to embed patient information in the related medical image. We demonstrate experimentally that by interleaving basic algorithms for compression, embedding and encryption in a one-pass algorithm, we can achieve better computational performance than by using the same algorithms in separate stages while maintaining the same security level and compression rate.
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Medical Images; Compression; Cryptography; Watermarking; Confidentiality

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