Load Balancing and Static Placement/Scheduling Heuristic on Distributed Heterogeneous Architecture

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In this work, we are concerning by the improvement of optimized static heuristic in distributed and heterogeneous architecture. Thus, in order to take into account the load-balancing criterion, a need for a dynamic model is related to the use of heuristic based on list scheduling. The greedy list algorithms are well adapted, for they help the designer to rapidly obtain an efficient implementation and so to shorten development cycle of an application. This paper presents a dynamic model based on agent concept, coupled with an off line (static) heuristic. Our model has been simulated in programming parallel environment Xpvm. We show the integration of our model in the transformations flow, that implicates a heuristic to generating a real time distributed executive. This integration will be implemented in system level CAD software tool called SynDEx which, is a seamless flow based on graphs transformations.
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Multi Agents Systems; Distribution/Scheduling Heuristics; Static Load Balancing; AAA Methodology; Graph Models; Graph Transformations

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SynDEx is a system level CAD software based on the "algorithm- architecture adequation" (AAA) methodology, for rapid prototyping and optimizing the implementation of distributed real-time embedded applications onto "multicomponent" architectures, http://www-rocq.inria.fr/syndex/

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